9/11 Reflections

Yeah 9/11 is sad and scary,but that was the day everything changed.The twin towers fell,but there is a stone of all the firemen,policemen and innocent people’s names in the attack!Two plans went in the twin towers.One went in to the pentagon state bilding .Me hearing about it scarcs me and thinking about it scares me!

Life In Fifth Grade

The past weeks have been amazing ive learned all about the teachers like Mrs.Brantly you will love her she is sweet Mr.Mac his class is amazing but that is not what im here for im here to tell you about everything all the teachers are so sweet.My friends are funny but cool Alyssa is very sweet Adeline she is new I think but I have made some friends not a lot but my two weeks are great






I relly wish someone could tell me about 3rd grade. So I want to tell  you about 3rd grade. In math class you have a lot of tests like a multi test. In math you will need to know that we have motuvation math books. In reading you will have a motuvation reading. The hole thing is to know how to do things.

The Cheetahwolf


This  animal is  called  Cheetahwolf. It  lives  in  the  grass   lands.  The   Cheetahwolf  can  wight  up  to  3o-80   pounds. It  can  only  live  up  to  60-90  years.It  has  hibernation  over  the  spring.It’s   migration  heads  east.It  is  relly  dangeres.It  runs’  while  it  holwals. The  Cheetahwolf  is  endangered.I  relly  want  this  animal  to  not  be  endangered.The  people  that  live  there  are  not  leting  the  visters  in   because  of  them  despering.



∗ I  Relly  Want  You  To   READ    This.